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HIGH FIVE - RELEASED: October 21, 2014. Our Second Children's Album

High Five

Lyrics for "High Five"

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Upcoming Dates

Wed. January 21 - Downtown Redwood City Library @6:30pm

Wed. February 11 - Westgate Mall 11am

Hey Factory Families,

Please watch the videos with your kids and bring them to one of my shows listed below over the next couple months!

I am reminded how great this program is when I do a Japanese, Irish and Native American song, all in the same lesson plan. This week I reminded folks that in this formative period of your child's music development everything is bizarre and complex. Music Together helps normalize their comfort with a wide pallet of cultural music as well as tonalities and rhythms. Parents still struggle with songs that some kids know like the back of their hand because of his or her consistent exposure to these songs.

In this final newsletter for 2014 I will mention holiday classes reminder, preview of winter 2015 Teacher Sean's Music Factory classes, inform you of upcoming festive shows, and a holiday present in the form of a music video for the whole family called "Tickle Monster" by Sean's Music Factory. "like" Teacher Sean's Music Factory on Facebook for up-to-date info.

-Teacher Sean's Holiday Jingle Jam is Wed. Dec. 10th and 17th at 9:15 or 10:05(YAC 2450 Cabrillo), Wed. Dec. 10th and 17th at 5:10(FULL) and 6:10pm at Lick Mill Park(on Lick Mill Park Blvd.), Mon. Dec. 15th and 22nd at 9:30 or 10:30(YAC 2450 Cabrillo). for more info

- The new Music Together collection, which is fantastic and the first collection I ever taught, is called the Bells collection and features another brand new song called "Alabama Gal". Winter/Spring guides come out on DECEMBER 17th and registration starts on January 6th for residents and January 8th for non-residents. BRAND NEW CLASSES availalble at Maywod Park(Cupertino/Santa Clara border) on Tuesdays, including a 4pm Music Together class and a 4:55 KIDS SING class for 4-6 year olds

Find the date that works for your family and mark it

Educational Park Mon.12/1 4:30 PM
Cambrian Mon. 12/8 4:30 PM
Tuesday, December 9th Saratoga Library 7:30pm

Tues. 12/2 11-11:45am

Fri. 12/5 6:15-6:30 before the mayor's speech at the Triton Museum of Arts

WESTGATE MALL 12/10 11:30am

"High Five" by Sean's Music Factory

"High Five" by Sean's Music Factory
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"Tickle Monster"

Over in the Bay by Sean's Music Factory From High Five

Over in the Bay by Sean's Music Factory From High Five
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Lyrics for "Crank Out the Music"



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